Sorry folks

LJ comments are now friends-only becase some assholio who has a vendetta against a family member of mine has taken up stalking me online to get to them and leaving threatening and harrasing messages in my LJ intended for them

He would leave anonymous messages in LJ -
so yesterday I switched my account to registered users only
- so he created an account to leave me these messages - fucking psycho!

If you are an LJ moderator - please note that user "budotaijutsuva" has been - by the terms of LJ service , as well as local legal definintions - criminally harasing me and people I know - is defying restraining orders and is clinically insane

Is there a way to spam filter keywords from my LJ so I can open my communication up to real people again

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I went to google website - did a search - clicked on the first linke
BAM! I have a browser hyjacker I cant get rid of

It was something to do with the google update -

God dammit I just did a nuke+ pave last month

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theres a point during Burning Man on the sunday night after the Burn when you are walking down the streets of the tent and RV city and they are nearly deserted, all the formerly brightly lit and cowded attractions, theme camps and art installations are dark - or 1/2 way torn down. The Once vibrant and playfull place no longer sings with music and bright ligthts. It is at that point you look at it with a certain sadness becasue you KNOW its over.

That is the feeling I had walking down the granville strip this evening

Almost all the old businesses that were there were now vacant
or the overpriced brand new busineses that replaced them were dark and dead having closed early (it was only 9:00 pm), the street were ripped up , fenced off and abandoned by construction, 1/2 the streetlights were dead (I think the city was trying to save power since
it didnt need to illuminate streets with no cars traffic)

I found myself MISSING the obnoxious yahoos from surrey and the convoy of SUVs carrying party people from the suburbs in. I miss the myriad of street performers we used to have all over the place and the Busloop filling the entertainment district up like a buslting entertainment metroplolis. I miss the nightlife

- but as the average population of Vancouver gets closer to retirement age and starts putting in all these bylaws I fear we have lost our nightlife completely and its not comming back

I cant help feeling its over.